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About the Founder

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Baby #1

Competing (and placing third! with baby brain!) at the OC Improv Cup, 2011

I grew up in this area.

When that one white horse grazed by the Hover exit off the Diag near the old silo, and before Ken Pratt extended beyond Main Street.

It was when I was in high school I saw my first improv show. I had started acting with Boulder Act when I was in seventh grade and had used improv as a theater tool, but it was the first time I saw it as a performing art and I was struck. I didn't know it then, but it was the catalyst for a life-long passion for the art of  performing spontaneously, in the moment.


During my theater major I started an improv club that eventually turned into a small business; we toured, offered local shows and community classes. After college I headed off to Chicago to train in long-form, where I studied with the greats at iO and Annoyance for five years.


Opportunity lead me to southern CA where I performed and taught short form for another five years. I immersed myself in the Ensemble Process at the Esalen Institute and enjoyed "set life" as an extra. My husband and I decided to move back to my home state where we first met, to raise our two kids.

The Mother-Ship

I threw myself into parenthood with the gusto that I threw myself into performance.


With the grace of serendipity and good fortune, I found Joanna Rotkin and began dancing with her in an improvised dance, Dog Dance, and have continued to explore the deepness and unraveling of this form for the last seven years as it has evolved into The Sky Inside.


Highlights from my adult life have included being a producer for a major video game company and educating young people in the performing arts.


In 2023 I established Longmont Out Loud (LOL), a small production company, with the interest in supporting and promoting local performance. My passion and calling is in collaboration and exploring creation based in the moment, and this is what I wish to bring to my community in a safe and supportive environment. I hope to collaborate with you some day.

Audrey Grace, Founding Member



Baby #2

Dancing in/with The Sky Inside, 2019.

Lets Fly Now photo credit Geremy Kornreich Shiny Machines 5.jpg
Let's Fly Now! Longmont Times Call Article

When I am not organizing performance events I chair the Youth Outreach Program as a member of the Colorado 99s (check out this video, Navigators Take Flight, which I created in 2020).


Here we are last year at Vance Brandt Airport in Longmont during the Let's Fly Now event I coordinated, October 1st, 2022.

Fun Fact!

I was in the first theatrical show ever to be performed at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO. At the time it was known as the Space for Dance and it was still a warehouse.


The company was Holy Cow! Theater Company, created by Maggie Donaghy, Carol Crutchlow and Tom Brown. The show was The Trixter Returns and I played Susie the angst teenager. It was my first run and paid gig as an actor.

The Trixter Returns Playbill

Susie, in The Trixter Returns, 1992

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