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Brunch Menu

by Cruagh Catering Company

Buy brunch with your tickets at check-out or at the event

Irish French Toast (VG) - Freshly baked Irish Yeast bread with cinnamon Egg coating topped with praline pecans, berries and powdered sugar.

Quiche Lorraine (GF) - Baked Egg quiche with cheese, onion and smoked bacon with Gluten-free tart crust.

Big Boy Breakfast Burrito (GF) - Gluten-Free green chile smothered burrito stuffed with beans, cheese, potatoes, sausage and scrambled egg.

Breakfast Donburi (GF+VG) - Baked Tofu and spinach rice bowl with seasoned mushrooms and sesame seeds with a side of japanese pickles

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GF: Gluten Free

VG: Vegetarian

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